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Administrator Manual

Setup folders, email accounts, signatures and live chat. Learn to navigate around. Add email rules, SLA and ticket queues.

User Manual

Learn how to operate FocalScope. Learn how to send emails and resolve tickets. Get familiar with search. View open tickets.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base guide provides comprehensive help. Follow the easy-to-use step by step guides.


Define call flows. Setup IVR and queues. Enable pop up windows. Configure greetings. View wallboards and reports.

Email Ticketing

Configure your email ticket setup and rules. Add folders and ticket queues. Set SLA targets. View reports and dashboards.

Live Chat

Get started with FocalScope Live Chat. Personalize the live chat templates. Install live chat script on your website.

Developer API

Connect and integrate FocalScope to other systems. Use OPEN API to develop seamless integration.

System Requirements

Understand the FocalScope technology stack. See system requirements for FocalScope Cloud and In-house solution.