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Why are some emails underlined?

Most often emails are highlighted during drag & drop or delete operations to visually outline messages that would be affected by the operation. On rare occasions, if the operation was terminated suddenly (e.g., network failure) while the drag and drop highlight for the selected email was active, the email will remain underlined in the message-list view. This visual distinction may cause concern. This article details how to remove the drag and drop highlight that sometimes remains visible on emails.


How to drag and drop emails and tickets in FocalScope

Troubleshooting & Solution

  1. When a drag and drop operation is performed and interrupted (usually by the user's PC crashing), the drag and drop highlight may remain visible on the email
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Figure 1 - Persistent drag and drop highlight

  1. To remove this highlight, select the folder where the affected email is located
  2. In the [Main toolbar], click the [Refresh] button (highlighted in blue)
  3. The email should now appear without the drag and drop highlight

Figure 2 - Normal email highlight

Additional Information

 How to drag and drop emails and tickets in FocalScope

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