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Intro to Agent Views

The [Agent Views] Folder contain personal folders of other agents, which you have been given permission to access. An agent who is given agent view access to another agent's folders, is granted certain permissions to read or write directly from another agent's folders.

Only system administrators have the rights to give agent view permissions. Contact your system administrators if you wish to modify your agent views folder.


In the Workspace screen, we have access to all this agent's e-mail folders, support tickets, calendar events, shared documents, signature and notes.

Permissions Allowed in Agent Views


Permissions another user has on an agent's folders are configured in the security tabs of the folder's properties.

Looking at this account's [Incoming] folder, we can see an e-mail. If we choose to read it or reply to it exactly as if this were an e-mail in our own [Incoming] folder.

Opening the e-mail, it is clear we have all functions enabled on the e-mail page, including being able to reply to and forward the message.

We can see when we click reply, the "From" message is still the one from the account being monitored. This means if you send a reply to a customer from a monitored account in agent view, the customer won't know the reply came from you. They will receive it from the very person they sent it to.

In the "Sent Items" you can open e-mails to see how your agents responded to them.


Since you can view any sent e-mails, this helps you train new recruits or monitor agent's interaction with customers directly.

You can directly enter new contacts or update contact details for all monitored accounts.

Customers can be granted access to an agents shared documents or sent documents from this folder. You can make sure they have the right documents and that they are the latest versions. In this account we can see an old ISP Signup Form. Update it as you would your own documents in your own shared documents.

Agent View is a powerful tool for supervisors and a big frustration reliever for customers, when the agent they were dealing with is on leave or out of commission. You can now simply have another agent cover that account by granting them Agent View access to their colleague's account.

Administrators can go to the lesson Setup Agent Views to learn how to configure Agent Views for your users.

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