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How to enable and use FocalScope's Post-to-Folder feature

Whenever customers call in with a problem that requires a trouble ticket to be opened for them, the Post-to-Folder account in FocalScope allows agents to directly create new tickets in selected FocalScope folders. When tickets are directly posted to a folder, they are not sent out of FocalScope. The Post-to-Folder account is disabled by default, and this article will detail how to enable and use the Post-to-Folder feature.



Enabling the Post-to-Folder account

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
  2. Click the [Administration] tab
  3. Navigate to the [Global Configuration > E-mail Parameters] folder
  4. In the right-hand pane, untick the [disable "post to folder" account] tickbox
  5. Click [Save] to activate the Post-to-Folder account

Figure 1 - Enabling Post-to-Folder

Using the Post-to-Folder account

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Workspace]
  2. Click on the folder where you want to create a new ticket and click [New > Mail Message]
  3. In the [New Message] window, select [View] and click [E-mail Accounts]Please note, this step is necessary each time a ticket is posted to a folder
  4. In the [Accounts] field there will now be a dropdown, click the dropdown (highlighted) and select [Post to Folder (don't send e-mail out)]
  5. Compose the message as you normally would. Please note, a To address must be specified, but the message will not be sent out of FocalScope
  6. Click [Send & Open Ticket] to post the ticket to the selected folder

Figure 2 - Posting a ticket to a folder

Figure 3 - New ticket created with the Post-to-Folder account

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