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How to configure and use the survey API link

The survey API link can be used to insert API fields into any survey form. With API fields you can gather / present additional information from / to customers. This article details how to configure and generate the survey API link.


Preparing a survey request Standard Response to use API fields

When a survey request is to display API fields, a special placeholder must be embedded in the Standard Response template first. This is done as follows:

  1. Create a new or edit an existing survey request Standard Response
  2. Add the %SURVEY API FIELDS% placeholder to the survey request
  3. [Save] the changes to the survey request; it is now ready to be used with the survey API link

Figure 1 - Adding the API fields placeholder to a survey request

Configuring the survey API link and custom API fields

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
  2. Click the [Advanced properties] tab
  3. Navigate to the [Survey system > APl] folder
  4. In the right-hand pane, click the [...] button (highlighted in red) and select a [Template for new e-mails]
  5. Click the [...] button for the [Security token] field (highlighted in blue)
    1. In the [Security token] window (see Figure 3), start by setting the expiry date in the [Expires] field. Please note: It is advisable to always set an expiry date for the survey API link
    2. In the [Use at most] field, you can specify the maximum number of times the web form can be used before it expires, leave the field blank to switch off the constraint
    3. Rest of fields are maintained automatically, please leave them to their default values
  6. Please note: Set the [Output format] to XML
  7. Tick the [Generate link...] flag. Please note: This flag must be ticket when generating a survey API link that will be used with the survey automation tool
  8. After you have configured the survey API link, click the [Generate Link] button. Please note: The link generated is the actual API itself. This link is intended for applications (and developers) to submit HTTP POST requests to the API
  9. Additionally, the [Test Link] button allows you to test generation and delivery of a survey request populated with API fields. Testing is recommended to verifying formatting and dispatch success of the newly configured survey request, and can help you spot any issue before the survey is added to your production environment
    1. Verify that a test was successful by locating the new entry in the survey history record and verifying that the API fields you specified during the test have been recorded

Figure 2 - Configuring the survey API link and API fields

Figure 3 - Survey API link security token properties

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