Provide instant support, round the clock

More than 70% of customers expect quick answers to simple questions on live chat. Make it happen with FocalScope’s AI-powered chatbots. Have them offer proactive support, answer basic requests, pull articles from your online knowledge base, and transfer sessions to real people when needed.

Boost your customer service with conversational AI

Automate customer care

FocalScope chatbots can handle about 35% of live chat queries on their own. Save time for customers and agents by automating basic resolutions using conversational AI and machine learning.

Get an extra teammate

Give your customer service team an extra set of helping hands. With instant resolution, automated context collection and smart transfer capabilities, FocalScope chatbots offer unique virtual and human agent synergy.

Optimise productivity

Chatbots are online 24/7, even when agents are busy or offline. Use chatbots to handle low-priority enquiries and generate leads automatically. If needed, FocalScope chatbots will transfer live chat sessions to the agent.

Shift summary (Day)


First-touch bot resolution


Transferred to agents


Sessions missed by agents



Instant support with intelligent AI

Automate support with a human touch 

Powered by conversational AI and machine learning, FocalScope chatbots can act as a virtual shopkeeper for your website. They come with auto detection for 30+ languages, so you can provide 24/7 global customer care across time zones. 

Chatbots can engage in human-like conversation with customers on live chat, and provide answers from pre-defined templates. Use them as your frontline helpers for frequently asked questions and repetitive tasks, so agents can spend time on higher-order work.

Chatbots as your new virtual assistant

Provide proactive support fast, quick, now

Chatbots can also initiate conversations with your online visitors. They can offer support proactively, share upcoming news, upsell promotions or recommend products and services.

For more detailed answers, chatbots can pull up relevant support articles from within your FocalScope knowledge base. Like a virtual assistant, chatbots can also create follow-up tickets, schedule appointments and callbacks for your support team.

With them, you can boost website conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment, and take a load off your support team.

Transfer live chat sessions with context

Works alongside your support team

For the most tricky questions, a human agent may be needed. In these situations, FocalScope chatbots are useful to collect information from the customer either through free-text or a pre-built templated form. Then, depending on the customer’s input, the chatbot will automatically transfer the live chat session to the right team. 

This way, chatbots help to eliminate time spent on manual information collection and triaging of live chat sessions before engaging a real person. Also, since agents can get the full context from chatbots, customers will not have to repeat themselves. 

And they keep getting better, literally: Self-learning chatbots get smarter over time through analysing conversation data and identifying areas to expand and improve.

Why customers love FocalScope chatbots

Pleasant small talk

FocalScope chatbots can exchange greetings, discuss the weather, and engage customers in all manners of small talk.

Built-in templates

Set up FocalScope chatbots for different purposes using our pre-existing templates, built based on industry best practices.

No coding required

Make direct changes to your chatbot easily using FocalScope’s built-in bot editor. There’s no code involved – just click, update, and save.

Measure bot performance

FocalScope’s built-in data analytics allows you to measure bot performance on live chat. Examine critical metrics such as first-touch resolution rates and customer satisfaction. Use data insights to further improve your chatbot.


Connect to external systems so that chatbots can do more. For instance, integrate with order systems to allow chatbots to retrieve order statuses. Or, connect with CRMs so that they can update customer information.

30+ languages supported

FocalScope chatbots speak more than 30 languages, and come with auto-language detection capabilities.

Better support starts with FocalScope chatbots

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