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How to search Internal Notes attached to emails

Sometimes the only uniquely identifiable information you may have relating to a specific email may be contained in an Internal Note attached to the email. This article details how you would search for a specific email based on the information contained in the associated Internal Note(s) of the email.


  1. In the [Main toolbar], click [Find]
  2. Expand the [Advanced] section by clicking the expand icon (highlighted in Figure 1)
  3. In the [Note] field, enter the information you wish to locate. Please note, please leave single and double digit terms, such as, a, is, ... out, as they may cause the search process to return empty results
  4. Complete the rest of your search criteria, such as, [Folder] location, etc.
  5. Click the [Process] button to initiate the search
  6. Emails that have Internal Notes attached that match the search criteria will be displayed in the search results (see Figure 2). Click the Internal Note icon to see its contents

Figure 1 - Searching Internal Notes

Figure 2 - An Internal Note matching the search criteria

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