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Add Ticket Status Code

By default, you are given 3 ticket states (Which are also collectors in which tickets are placed) in FocalScope, namely Open, On Hold and Closed. You do however have the option to create additional collectors to keep your tickets with special conditions separate from the rest. The Tickets State Tabs feature in FocalScope is there just for this purpose.


In the Administration screen expand the [Workflow Configuration] node, select [Ticket State Tabs] and right click in the right hand pane and select [New...]

A "State Flow Group" window appears and this is where we will create the new tabs (collectors) for our ticketboxes.

  1. [Name:] is where we give a descriptive name for this group of tabs we will create. The ones for his example can be called "sales status" since the tabs will relate to sales and how far they have progressed from quote to confirmation.
  2. We can give our tabs names under the "State" column. Next we can assign one of a myriad of icons at our disposal, to make each tab look unique. And lastly we can add or delete + arrange the position of an item in the list under the "Actions" column. The green + adds another tab the black X removes it, the blue arrows adjust the position of the tab in the list and they will appear left to right, based on this list's order from top to bottom.
  3. Lastly click the [Add] button to choose in which ticketbox you will be creating these tabs. A popup like the one on the right will open, make your selection and click [OK].

Click [Ok] on the "State Flow Group" window when you are done with your configurations. Now reload the UI by either clicking the [Action] tab at the top of the interface and selecting [Reload UI], or by pressing Ctrl+F8.

The newly created tabs are available to ALL users which have access to this ticketbox. Looking at an agent's account, we can see she can now sort her tickets better for easier access later. Individual or multiple tickets can be selected and dragged onto the appropriate tab. For the default tabs such as Open, On Hold and Closed there are actions associated with each, which when performed on a ticket, will automatically place the ticket in the correct tab. So closed tickets will be removed from the Open tab and placed in the closed tab automatically.

Clicking on the [Quotes Requested] tab we can see the newly organized tickets. If default ticket states (Open, Closed, On Hold) are changed for these tickets, they will be re-sorted and appear in those default tabs.

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