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Data Purging

Like most e-mail clients, when you delete an e-mail in FocalScope, it is sent to a temporary holding place and kept there either indefinitely or until you manually purge off old data. Optionally you can enable an auto purge function to do this for you and appropriately set a cutoff age for deleted e-mails/tickets. All ticketboxes have "deleted" tabs and users can see these "deleted" tabs and their contents. They can also restore any deleted items in these tabs, but only administrators can purge their contents. Sent items are never purged, so as to keep a permanent record of all communications coming into and emanating from your FocalScope environment.


In the Administration screen, click the arrow highlighted by the green box until you see the wrench icon (highlighted in red). Click on this icon, expand the [Maintenace] node and click on the [Data purging] folder to view the Data Purging settings.

Observe the settings displayed in the right hand pane.

  1. [Purge deleted e-mails older than:] allows you to set a cut-off date for keeping deleted items in your FocalScope environment. This is where you set the cutoff date, in the unit of months. Both the manual purge and auto purge will use this cutoff date when deleting old e-mails.
  2. The [automatically purge deleted emails] flag, when ticked, will cause the system to automatically delete all e-mails, in deleted folders, older than the unit of months specified.
  3. The [Purge Now] button will let you manually clear the deleted folders and will do so only for e-mails older than the specified age.
  4. [Save] will save any changes made to the settings, whereas [Reload] will undo any unsaved changes.

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