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Configuring a holiday Auto-Responder

During public / company holidays, you may wish to communicate a festive message to customers and notify them of any company closure during the holidays. FocalScope's Auto-Responder feature allows you to create such messages quickly and easily that are dispatched automatically to customers when they send an email to your company. This article details how a holiday Auto-Responder is configured.



Creating a 24/7 working-hours profile

Create a working-hours profile and adapt it as follows:

  1. Match the [Time zone offset] to your region
  2. Set the [General Working Hours] to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  3. Under the [Holidays/Exceptions] tab, configure a holiday and ensure the [from/to] range for each is set to [00:00 to 24:00]
  4. Click [Ok] to save the working-hours profile

Figure 1 - Creating a working-hours profile

Creating a holiday Auto-Responder

  1. In addition to the default Auto-Responder that operates on the ticketbox during regular working hours, configure a new time-based Auto-Responder
  2. Set the [Active] state to [Outside], and in the corresponding field, select the 24/7 working-hours profile you created in the 'Creating a 24/7 working-hours profile' section of this article
  3. Create a festive and informative Standard Response and associate it with the time-based Auto-Responder's [On new ticket / on reply] fields
  4. Click [Ok] to save and activate the new holiday Auto-Responder

Figure 2 - Creating a holiday Auto-Responder

Adding regular Auto-Responders

A typical Auto-Responders setup will have a particular response during office hours, and another response outside of office hours. Please note, all regular (during and outside office hours) Auto-Responders must be added after holiday Auto-Responders. Here is how to add such responses in addition to holiday Auto-Responders:

During office hours (highlighted in red in Figure 3)

  1. Create a working-hours profile as per your company's workdays and office hours
  2. Add a new time-based Auto-Responder by clicking the green [+] button on an existing time-based Auto-Responder
  3. Set the [Active] state to [During] and select the working-hours profile that has your company's workdays and office hours configured
  4. Assign the relevant Standard Responses to the [On new ticket / On reply] fields

Outside office hours (highlighted in blue in Figure 3)

  1. Add a new time-based Auto-Responder by clicking the green [+] button on an existing time-based Auto-Responder
  2. Set the [Active] state to [Outside] and select the working-hours profile that has your company's workdays and office hours configured
  3. Assign the relevant Standard Responses to the [On new ticket / On reply] fields
  4. Click [Ok] on the [Folder properties] window to save the new Auto-Responses setup

Figure 3 - Creating office-hour Auto-Responders

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