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Setup Agent Views

Agent View grants supervisors the ability to monitor the accounts of trainees or allows helpdesk agents of taking over another agent's responsibilities. This can be very useful if an agent is going to be on leave and we want another agent to handle their tickets and e-mails. Customers, who receive responses from the "takeover agent" won't even know it came from an agent other than the one they were communicating with.


In the administration screen, expand the [User Access Control] node, expand the [Folder Access] node and select the [Agent Views] folder. In the right pane you will see a list of user accounts, right click one and select [Properties].

The "Folder Content Access" popup will appear. There is a list of all the users that can access this agent's account. In this example, the account can only be viewed by itself. Please note: Both users and groups can be granted access to an Agent's account.

  1. Click the [Add] button to add more accounts which can see this agent's private folders. The "Select User(s)" popup will appear.
  2. You have the options of searching for an account or group by typing its name into the [Search Bar] or manually selecting an account or group from the list. You can make multiple selections by holding down the Ctrl key and left clicking on entries.
  3. Click the [OK] button once you've made your selection.


You can now see the list of all the accounts / groups that you have granted access to.

  1. All that remains is deciding if you want to give access to all subfolders the user may have or just main folders. Simply tick or untick the [Checkbox] accordingly.
  2. Click [OK] once you are done. You have just set-up Agent View for this user's account.


In the workspace screen, expand the [Agent Views] node. This gives you a list of accounts that you can access thanks to Agent View. Expand the ["Account Name"] node to see that user's folders. Interact with any content, as you would in your own private folders.

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