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Import and Export Contacts

Since it is most likely that you have existing contacts lists in other e-mail clients, we have ensured that you can import them into FocalScope with ease, provided they are in an Excel or text file and properly formatted. This lesson will demonstrate how contacts list importing is done in FocalScope.

Importing Contacts from Excel


You can populate the contact list quickly by importing the contacts from a .csv file. Enter contact information in Excel, before saving them in a .csv file.

Tip! Label your columns in the .csv file for mapping to database columns in FocalScope later.


Click the [Import] button in the main toolbar, to import contact details from the Excel (.csv) spreadsheet into FocalScope.


Select from the directory you saved you .csv contact file, and click [Open].


  1. The uploaded file will be shown in the [File:] field and system will automatically retrieve the values of the first row in each column of the CSV file. These columns in the .csv file are displayed as "CSV column", under the "Please map fields to data" section of the window.
  • [Database column] are the fields available in FocalScope contacts. Click on the dropdown to map the "CSV column" to the appropriate FocalScope "Database column".
  • Click on the [Import] button when done, to import all contacts from the selected .csv file.
  • Tip! Use the same "field titles" in the .csv file as the "database column" in FocalScope, when creating contacts in the .csv file for easy mapping.


A success message will be shown as shown in image above. Close the import dialog, and you should see FocalScope contacts populated with the newly imported contacts.

Exporting Contacts


Click the [Export] button in the main toolbar, if you wish to export contact details from FocalScope to your computer in an Excel (.csv) format.


The "Export Contacts" dialog appears. Select the fields you wish to export, then click on the [Export] button.


The system then prompts you to open/save the file. Choose [Save] to store a copy to your local disk. The file will contain the selected Database columns and the information they contain on your contacts.

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