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How does the email unread / read status work?

For shared folders, FocalScope maintains a personal view for each agent in the system. This means that if ten agents are viewing a ticketbox, each agent's view of the read / unread status for its emails will be unique and based on which messages they previewed and / or opened. Thus, there is no chance of one agent reading a critical message, forgetting about it, and then their colleagues also miss out on the email because it has been marked as read in their view, as well.

However, if another agent has responded to an email, everyone in the group will see the read status change because replies alter the unread / read status of messages globally. The advantages are thus: each individual sees emails as either read / unread based on their activities in the folder, yet if they reply to a messages, it is reflected to all agents.

Figure 1 - Two different agents viewing the same folde

Useful Tip

FocalScope ticketboxes have number cues that, at a glance, provide useful information to agents.

  1. The first column number indicates the amount of open tickets in the ticketbox
  2. The second column number indicates how many emails remain unread by the agent
  3. The third column number indicates the number of tickets in the ticketbox that are assigned to the agent

Please note, folder titles are rendered in bold when there are unread messages in them.

Figure 2 - Ticketbox number cues

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