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FSVM Configuration of Recording Archiving

Please consider to change the FSVM configuration only as the last resort. Most likely you will never have to change it.

Configuration files

The default configuration of recoding archiving module is located in the file /opt/faster/conf/rak.xml. To keep your changes persistent they should be placed into /opt/faster/conf/localhost-config.xml file, because updating overwrite the former file.

Sample of content of /opt/faster/conf/rak.xml

    <from>23:00</from> <upto>06:00</upto>

Sample of content /opt/faster/conf/localhost-config.xml with the changes.

    <from>02:00</from> <upto>08:00</upto>

Configuration parameters

  • spool: it points to the asterisk spool directory.
  • from, upto: time range for archiving and gc activity. Examples:
    • whole day: <from>00:00</from> <upto>24:00</upto>
    • overnight: <from>20:00</from> <upto>08:00</upto>
    • afternoon: <from>13:00</from> <upto>18:00</upto>
  • interval: it is an interval in milliseconds between successive runs (both archiving and gc activity).
  • batch: it is a maximal count of calls processed during a single run (both archiving and gc activity.
  • dryMode: true value here will completely turns the archiving activity off. Please don't change this.
  • shape: ymdutc (default) or plain - internal shape of archive (see the Recoding Archive Format article for details).
  • false value here will turns of removing outdated file in the monitor/protected folder.
  • gc.idleInMinutes: when all outdated files are removed from the protected folder the gc activity sleeps for given interval. It should be a big value like 10-30 minutes. When activity wakes up it run with interval period until all outdated files are removed and sleeps again for gc.idleInMinutes.
  • gc.expirationInDays: number of days to keep files in the protected folder.

The batch and interval properties limit throughput of the module. The archiving throughput should larger then PBX one. Default is 100 calls per minute (30sec interval, two polls per minute, each is 50 calls max). If it is not enough, then change these properties and restart the daemon.

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