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How to reconfigure or repair a FocalScope instance

As your needs change you may wish to alter the core configuration of your FocalScope instance. A good example is to update database parameters after migrating the database to another server. This article details the steps you need to take if you want to reconfigure or repair your FocalScope instance.


  • Log into your FocalScope application server
  • In the Windows Start menu, locate and run [FocalScope Mail > Configure FocalScope instance] to start the FocalScope instance configuration wizard. Please note, leave all instance parameters at their default unless otherwise indicated

Figure 1 - Starting the FocalScope instance configurator

  •  At the [Setup Action] step and select the [Repair or modify existing FocalScope instance] option

Figure 2 - Repairing or modifying your FocalScope instance

  • At the [FocalScope Instance] step, select the emm instance and click [Next >]

Figure 3 - Defining the default FocalScope instance

  • At the [Select Additional Tasks] step, tick the features you wish to add to your FocalScope instance. Click [Next >] and complete the FocalScope instance configuration

Figure 4 - Core feature configuration

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