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How to upgrade a FocalScope license key

You can choose to install your FocalScope license key during the initial setup and installation of your FocalScope instance or during the 30-day trial period that follows. This article details the process for upgrading your FocalScope license key.

Please note, if you are using the cloud-hosted edition of FocalScope, your license key will automatically be installed once you have signed up for a commercial edition.


Upgrading a FocalScope license key

If you installed FocalScope using a 30-day trial license key, you may wish to upgrade your trial edition to a commercial edition. Please follow these steps to upgrade your license key:

  1. Ensure you have your license key file ready
  2. In the [Main menu], click [About]
  3. In the [About FocalScope] window that appears, click the [License] tab
    1. If your FocalScope server has access to the internet, click the [Browse Keys] button to check for downloadable license keys for your instance
    2. Or click the [...] button and locate your license key file where it resides on your computer
  4. After successfully uploading your license key file, click the [Browse Keys] button

Figure 1 - Uploading your license key file

Select the license key file that you have downloaded / uploaded and click the [Install] button to activate your FocalScope commercial edition.

Figure 2 - Activating your license key

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