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Create SLA Working Hours Profiles

You can configure working hour profiles to tell the system when to trigger SLAs and escalations. Triggering will only occur during the working hours of the "working hours" profile(s) placed in effect. You can also set holidays and exceptions to disable SLA triggering & escalation for non-working days.


  1. Click on the SLA tab located at the bottom left of the Administrator pane on the Administration screen.
  2. In the left pane, click on the [Working Hours Profiles] folder.
  3. Right click anywhere on the right pane, then click [New...]

    A "Working Hours Profile Properties" screen will pop up with 2 tabs, the [General] tab and the [Holidays/Exception] tab. Scroll down to learn about each tab and how to configure a new working hours profile.

Define General Working Hours


The [General] tab allows you to configure your working hours which SLA will be triggered within the time defined here.

  1. Name your working hour profile in the [Name] field.
  2. The [Time zone] dropdown list/input field lets you select or type in your time zone ID and adds Daylight Savings Time support for regions that make use of it.
  3. Define your work hours for each day.
  4. If you wish to select all days, click on [7 day week] to check all boxes.
  5. If you want the SLA function to remind you, continuously of updates, click on the [24 hour day] link to set reporting time around the clock.


The [Holidays/Exceptions] tab, allows you to configure all days that your department or organization is not working and unable to respond. SLAs will temporary be disabled on the days configured in this tab. Click [Ok] once you are done with your configurations.


Your new working hours profile appears in the right pane of the [Working hours profile] folder. You may configure multiple working hours profiles, which will be stored and listed on this page of your FocalScope system. To learn how SLAs are configured and handled, view the lesson Create SLA Profiles.

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