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Recording Archiving

Recording archiving is part of FocalScope PBX software that moves audio files from the spool folder to some external media like an external disk, a network share etc.

The archiving is not a backup solution. Main idea behind it is to preserve disk space of the PBX machine.

To activate the archiving you need:

  • attach an external media to the PBX
  • create an archive in the UI
  • configure and activate a backup rule for given PBX

Attaching external media

It depends of the customers network configuration and infrastructure. So it up the customer IT how to handle it.


Archive is the folder where to an archiving process moves call recordings.

To add an archive select 'Archiving and purging/Call recording archives' in the 'Telephony' workspace, right click and choose 'New Archive ...' and fill following fields.

  • Name: anything meaningful to you, focalscope does not use it.
  • PBX: select focalscope PBX here. You MUST not change PBX after you choose the archive in the backup rule (see below).
  • Path: full path of the archive folder in the PBX filesystem. This folder should be located on the external media. You SHOULD not change that path after you activate the archiving rule. But if you stop archiving then you can simultaneously:
    • change the path here and
    • rename the folder on the media.


Rule specifies when a recording is moved to an external media. There is exactly one rule per PBX, you can't create or delete it.

To configure the rule select Archiving and purging/Call recording rule' in the 'Telephony' workspace, double click on the table row and fill following form.

  • State: use this check box to pause or resume archiving.
  • Archive: here you select the archiving action:
    • completely stop archiving 
    • delete the recording instead of moving to externals media
    • move recording to the previously created archive
  • Disk Limit: specify here a minimal free space in GB for the PBX's disk. If free disk space falls bellow this value the module will start moving the recordings to free the space.
  • Recent Limit: specify here a maximal interval in days for recordings to be kept on the PBX's disk. If recording is older the specified value then the archiving process will perform the chosen archiving action. 

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