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How to create and configure a FocalScope report

The new FocalScope reporting engine was specially designed to improve usability, functionality, and the distribution of FocalScope reports. This article details the general process of creating and configuring a new report.


Things to consider when configuring filtering for FocalScope reports


Creating and configuring a report

Reports are precompiled and then generated ad hoc or distributed to personnel on a schedule. Reports are simpler to use and more flexible. To create a new report, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the [Shared Reports] folder
  2. Click the [Reports] tab (highlighted in red)
  3. In the right-hand pane, right-click and select [Add]
In the [Report form] window, configure the report as follows:
  1. Under the [General report information] section:
    1. Name - give the report a suitable, easily-identifiable name
    2. Template - pick the base template to use for the report. For this example we will use the [Agent ready state log] template
    3. Cache expires - set the age (in hours or minutes) at which the report cache will expire and be wiped from the FocalScope server
    4. Excel template - select the predefined Excel template that represents the report data in a processed way (e.g., custom charts and tables)
  2. Under the [Report parameters] section (the parameters show in this section varies based on the report template selected):
    1. Date To-From - specify the date range that will be used to harvest the report data from your FocalScope instance
    2. Agent (fields) - search for agents in either the left and right agent lists by entering a series of uniquely identifiable characters
    3. Agent (left column) - left-click the name(s) of the agent(s) you wish to add to the report. (For multiple selections, use Ctrl+left-click, or left-click + scroll down with the mouse cursor.) click the right arrow button (highlighted in green) to add your selection to the right (include) column
    4. Agent (right column) - remove unwanted agents from the report by selecting and moving them back to the left (exclude) column with the left arrow button (highlighted in orange)
  3. Click [Save] to save the report
  4. [Optionally] you can configure scheduled notifications and delivery for the report

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