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Importing contacts from Outlook (and other email clients)

Importing contacts from other email systems into FocalScope is a simple, straight-forward process. This article will detail how you can export your contacts from Outlook 2010 and then import those contacts in FocalScope.

Please note, the import process for .csv files generated by other email clients is identical to that of Outlook .csv files. If you are using Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, or any other email client that can export contacts to a .csv file, proceed to the Importing exported Outlook contacts into FocalScope section of this article to continue.


Exporting contacts from Outlook 2010

  1. Launch Outlook 2010
  2. In Outlook's main menu, click [File > Open > Import] (see Figure 1)
  3. Follow the export options from top to bottom as indicated in Figure 2
  4. Please note, ensure you save the exported .csv file to your desktop to easily locate it again when you need to import it into FocalScope

Figure 1 - Exporting Outlook contacts

Figure 2 - Defining what file format to export to

Importing exported Outlook contacts into FocalScope

  1. In FocalScope, right click either a personal or shared contacts folder and select [Import]. Alternatively, you can select a personal or shared contacts folder and click the [Import] button in the [Main menu] (see Figure 3)
  2. Locate on your desktop the exported .csv file containing the Outlook contacts and click [Open]

Figure 3 - Importing Outlook contacts

  1. In the [Import Contacts] window, specify the FocalScope match for each field that you wish to import into FocalScope (see Figure 4)
  2. Click [Import] to start the process and give a few minutes for it to complete
  3. After the process finishes (this may take a few minutes), all the Outlook contacts should be visible in the FocalScope contacts folder (see Figure 5)

Figure 4 - Matching .csv contacts data to FocalScope's fields

Figure 5 - Successfully imported Outlook contacts

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