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Telephony Dashboard

Accessing Telephony Dashboard

Figure 1.

 Login to your FocalScope Account and on the [Main Tools Menu] you will see a Telephone icon with user name, agent ID and device where the user is login (Refer to Figure 1).  Click on the button to access the FocalScope Telephony Dashboard.

Figure 2. Telephony Dashboard - Roster Tab

Roster Tab shows all agents that is currently logged in. You can find the user’s ID, device it is logged in to, queue status, location and also on call status.

Figure 3. Missed Call Tab

Missed call tab shows all the recent miss call specific to the agent.

Figure 4. Voicemail Tab

If you have enabled voicemail, you will be able to view it from this tab.

Figure 5. Inbound Tab

Inbound tab show all the recent inbound call answered by the agent.

Figure 6. Outbound Tab

Outbound tab shows all the recent outbound calls made by the agent.

Additional Options from Call List

All calls in the list from the panels has multiple options available :

  • Disposition - Selecting disposition will open a disposition form popup. For more information, please refer to form popup section
  • Dial Log – Selecting dial log will open a popup giving more information about the call.
  • Download – Selecting download will download the recording of the call.
  • Call back – Selecting call back will attempt to call back the selection call. It will ring the phone that the agent is logged in to. Once the agent picks up the phone, then it will attempt to call the outside party.
  • Refresh – Selecting refresh will refresh the log list with updated informations.

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