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Accelerators in FocalScope are similar to "Macro" functions. They are used to automate repetitive processes. This lessons shows a simple example of an accelerator created to do automatic translations with the help of "Google Translate". To manually repeat this procedute, multiple times a day can quickly amount to a lot of wasted time, with accelerators in FocalScope, its as simple as performing 2 clicks.

A Common Problem

We are going to take a look at how Accelerators in FocalScope can increase efficiency of mundane tasks such as translating a piece of text from one language to another.

Opening the highlighted E-mail we notice it is in an unrecognizable language. With translation tools, such as, "Google Translator " becoming increasingly more accurate, we might decide to translate this message to english and save time requesting the E-mail, in English, from the client. Manually copying the text and browsing to the translator is fine, unless you have to do this multiple times. When a repetative task or even laborious one is to be performed frequently, you will find Accelerators a greate time saver!

How to Use Accelerators

Administrators: To learn how to setup an accelerator, view the lesson Create Accelerators in the administration manual.

  1. Highlight the text you wish to translate.
  2. Right click on the highlighted text and select [Google Translate]. This automatically performs all the steps of copying the highlighted text to the correct URL (Google Translator).

    Note: The actual language detection and translation are done by Google Translator, not the accelerator, but it saved us the intermediary steps of manually copying the text, browsing to the URL and then paste it in the translator. With more powerful shell scripting, many steps can be automated into a single Accelerator and may save us a great about of time and repetition with certain tasks.

    Let's see the result of the translation...

On the right we can see the translation in English and proceed to reply without the tedious steps for manually performing the translation. The time saved exponentially increases depending on the complexity of the task you "accelerate" with accelerators.

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