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RSS Reader

Get the latest news for the topics most relevant and of concern to you. FocalScopes RSS news reader is configured by the administrators and they can control what topics will be generated and which users receive newsfeeds.


Retrieve your RSS news from the [RSS] button. If this option is not available to you, it is likely that your system has not been configured to receive RSS news yet, please contact your system administrator for assistance.

Clicking the icon directly will load the full feed into a popup. Optionally you can click the arrow just right of the icon and select [Read news...] or [Mark all as read], which will clear the headline broadcasts for this feed (in the notification bar) until new headlines become available.

The notification bar will also scroll through the headlines of the newsfeed + show system messages that administrators broadcast.

  1. Clicking on the text highlighted in RED will cause the specific headline to be accepted as read, by FocalScope and the headline will be deleted from the feed.

  2. Clicking the icon highlighted in GREEN will load the web page where the feed entry points to and you can read the whole report.
  3. Clicking on the BLUE areas will cause the next entry in the feed to load into the notice bar.

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