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Permission to Ticket Folders

Ticketbox permissions allow you to decide which users and user groups have access to which ticketboxes and what actions they can perform in said ticketboxes. You might want to delegate a group of users from the billing department to have access to a ticketbox that primarily got designated for the sales inquiries department, but you might not necessarily want them to reply to those tickets. Let's see how you can delegate access and action permissions to ticketboxes, in FocalScope.

Clicking the folder's [Security] tab, we access the security settings for the folder. Here we can choose the security groups and individuals who have access to this folder and what permissions they have.

  1. Firstly, the only way to set unique access and control privileges for this folder is to untick the [Inherit from parent folder] flag (bottom, left of the popup). If this flag remains ticked, whatever the security settings for the parent folder are, will be filtered down to this folder. Optionally you may decide to filter security settings applied for this folder down to its subfolders. Click the [Apply these permissions to all subfolders] flag to pass your settings here down to the child folders.
  2. Secondly, click the [Add] button and select the groups or users you wish to grant access to this folder. Hold down Ctrl key for multiple selections. Once you have made your selection, click [Ok].
  3. Once your groups/users are added to the "Security Accounts" list, select them one at a time and (in the "Permissions for" section) and set the privileges they may have. You may decide that all groups and users can only "Access and manage content" and reserve the right to "Manage properties and Permissions" for Administrators. This will keep users from changing permissions for the ticketbox
  4. Finally click the permissions icons (highlighted in red) to change them to either a green tick or a red X to enable or disable privileges for the selected user/group. The title for each privilege is self-explanatory.

Once you are done configuring the users and their privileges for this folder, click [Ok] to apply. All users and groups not in the "security accounts" list won't even be able to even see this folder, let alone access it or change permissions. Only users and groups selected and assigned the privilege to "Manage properties and permissions" can alter any property of the folder. Such users can change, not only permissions for the folder, but any other property of the folder (the exact set of properties vary depending on folder type). E.g. users having "Manage properties and permissions" rights can change [Reset assigned agent on reopening of a ticket] for a ticketbox or enable/disable sharing for a folder of the document center type.

In the event of misconfiguration (for example, a folder is left with an empty access list and nobody can access it), folder access can be restored using 1 of 2 possible ways: Selecting the [Ticketboxes] folder under [User Access Control/Folder Access] nodes or the [Folder access & properties] tab, in the administration panel.

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