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Understanding the rule scope for Email Processing Rules

When creating new email processing rules, the rule scope will affect where rules are placed. Sometimes this placement can be counterintuitive if the rule scope is not properly understood. This article details how the rule scope affects rule placement.


How to use Email Processing Rules


Creating rules within the proper rule scope

When creating new email rules that have to operate in a very specific order, please note the following:

  1. The two rule scopes for email processing rules are Personal and System (denoted by the blue and red squares) 
  2. When a new rule is created, please create it under the correct [Rule scope] 
  3. If a System rule is created under a personal rule scope (e.g., Matthew), then the resulting rule will be added to the bottom of the rules list
Please note, rules can only be moved up or down with the arrows within the same rule scope, meaning a rule in Matthew cannot be moved higher / lower than the highest / lowest rules in Matthew.

Figure 1 - How rule scope affects rule placement

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