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Folder Tree

The "Folder Tree" feature in FocalScope lets you show your Agenda, Alerts & My Tickets in your status bar as folders in your profile. You can see your alerts, agendas and tickets as messages in your personal folders, making it easy to manage them. You will still receive notifications in the status bar and can still click there to access these messages.


  1. [My Tickets], [My Alerts] and [My Agenda] can be accessed by clicking on their respective tabs at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Administrators have the option of displaying these folders as part of the folder tree on the left pane by checking any of the ticket boxes for each.
  3. Click on [Save] to save the settings.

Reload the UI by pressing Ctrl+F8 or by clicking the [Action] tab and selecting [Reload UI].


Folder(s) selected will appear under an agent's personal folder tree as shown.

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