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Discuss an Email Agent-to-Agent

This function is especially useful when you need to bring a particular subject to another agent's attention. Simply click the "Discuss" button and the other party will instantly receive a link via Jabber, which they can click on, to open the message that was sent to them. This would save the agent. time wasted in searching for a particular e-mail.


Right click on the email message you wish to discuss, then select [Discuss...]


The Jabber screen appears for you to select an agent to chat with. Click on the agent you wish to discuss the selected message with.


The selected agent will receive the invitation with a link to the message. The Agent can click on the link attached to view the message you requested a discussion on.


Once the agent clicks the "discuss message" link, the message editor will appear for the agent receiving the discussion, to obtain information from the message straight away.


The agent who initiated the discussion, need not repeat the message in question, in the jabber chat, but rather can communicate or question forth on any information contained within the linked message, right away. This will make for speedy resolutions on messages where an agent needs to focus or might have made a mistake in their handling thereof.

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