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What is a Help Desk?

A Help Desk is a support function aimed at helping external (customers) or internal (employees) stakeholders get answers. Internal help desks are typically run by IT and HR departments. As requests come from multiple channels such as email, voice, live chat or social media, FocalScope keeps things organised by combining all conversations in a single platform.

Prioritise, resolve and manage tickets easily

Simplify your customer support

FocalScope is a modern ticketing system that enables you to tackle thousands of emails in a systematic way. New requests are assigned a trackable ticket number, and following interactions are organised neatly in a thread. 

All requests automatically routed based on pre-defined rules that are tailored to your business conditions and capacity, ensuring fast response times and fair distribution. Create unique workflows based on operating hours, shift timings, agents’ skills, and many more. 

With a focused workspace, agents can view every conversation, who’s working on which tasks, deadlines, and more. Quick-reply and standard response templates, and FocalScope’s universal customer card work to boost handling times, while collision alerts prevent duplicate work.

Make the most of every call

Deliver efficient voice conversations

Phone support is the bread and butter of most help desks, and are critical for more challenging issues. It is the most critical channel to build rapport and trust with customers, and make them feel understood. 

Set up a pleasant voice experience from the moment a customer dials your number, including announcements, phone trees, and phone surveys using text-to-speech IVRs. Like email, intelligent call routing help triage callers based on their intent, and automatically distributes calls fairly. 

On the phone, agents can record call notes efficiently using dedicated pop-up forms based on the issue. For more complex troubleshooting, agents can convert the call into a ticket, or pin notes to existing ones for follow-up. 

Engage website visitors

Offer proactive support

Live chat is a great way to start a friendly conversation with website patrons, answer questions, share promotions, and more. Customers love getting to multi-task while accessing help at their own pace.

Enable the widget to pop-up proactively as visitors browse your site. Chat with customers in real-time to troubleshoot issues quickly, and allow them to share files with you conveniently. Convert live chat sessions into follow-up tickets, and refer to chat transcripts for the full context. 

Setting up live chat is easy. Tailor the live chat widget according to your brand identity, embed its script into your website, and start chatting right away. Tackle waiting times with live chat queues. Trigger the offline mode outside of business hours, or when agents are at full capacity.

Add self-learning chatbots to your team

Automate basic support

Leverage self-learning chatbots as your round-the-clock frontline workers. Use them to deflect up to 35% of live chat conversations, and free up time for agents to focus on higher order requests.

Chatbots can answer frequently asked questions, recommend knowledge base articles, and do basic tasks like retrieve order statuses. They are also great for offering proactive support to website visitors, share news or promotions, and prompt shoppers to check out their shopping carts.

When a more human touch is required, chatbots can transfer the live chat session to a relevant human agent. They collect the necessary details from customers prior to handovers, so your agents can get to the root of the issue right away.


Knowledge base as a self-serve option

Help customers help themselves

More than 80% of customers prefer looking for answers on their own before reaching out. With a knowledge base, you can empower customers to find answers on their own, at their own time.

Create a branded online knowledge base that’s tailored to your brand identity, then stock it with useful articles. Customers get instant answers, while your team benefits from reduced request volumes.

Knowledge base articles can be external (for customers) or internal only (for employees). Articles are easy to share, allowing agents to conveniently send links instead of repeating themselves over and over. Chatbots can also pick up relevant topics for your website visitors.

Explore help desk channels

Leverage FocalScope’s omnichannel platform to expand your help desk capabilities.

Email ticketing

Handle millions of emails accurately and efficiently every day.


Flexible and scalable telephony system for big and small businesses.

Live chat and bots

Interact with website visitors in real time and boost conversion.

Social media

Message customers via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook.

Knowledge base

Help customers help themselves with FAQs and support articles.

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