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Displaying hidden or inaccessible folders in FocalScope

If you have hidden folders in your workspace, you may eventually want to display them again if you need to access the folder contents. Perhaps you require access to a folder you previously had no access to. This article will detail the two methods used to display hidden or inaccessible folders in an agent's workspace.



Displaying a hidden folder with the 'Show Folder' command

  1. Select the parent shared folder [Ticketboxes]
  2. In the right-hand pane, look for grayed-out folders that are marked [Hide], right click the folder(s) you wish to display in your Workspace and select [Show Folder]

Your Workspace now display the previously hidden folder(s) in the shared folder tree.

Figure 1 - Displaying a shared folder

Hidden personal folders can be displayed using the same actions as described for shared folders. Simply select your parent user folder and display the hidden sub-folder(s) that are hidden.

Figure 2 - Displaying a personal folder

Displaying a folder by changing its security options

Administrators can control the viewing and access rights an agent has for folders in FocalScope. Administrators can grant an agent viewing and access rights to any folder in FocalScope.

To grant an agent access to a folder, administrators need to do the following:

  1. Right click the folder you wish to display in an agent's workspace and select [Properties]
  2. Click the [Security] tab
  3. Add the agent's account to the [Security accounts] list by clicking the [Add] button
  4. Select the agent's account and in the [Permissions for selected account], click the [Access and manage content (C)] privilege. The [Permission] column should show a green tick. This will allow this agent visibility of and access to the selected folder
  5. Click [Ok] to save the changes

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