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Generate Live Chat Links

If you have created a Live Chat Group, you can now access Live Chat Link generated in FocalScope. This link can be inserted into a web page where you want visitors to able to contact you via Live Chat.

In the Administration screen, expand the [Instant messaging], [Live Chat] nodes in the left pane. This will display the live chat parameters and link modules in the right pane. Fill in the "Live Chat Configuration Parameters" as well as the "default chat template configuration" and click [Save].


  1. In the [Chat with] field, the drop down will display existing chat groups you have created. Choose the chat group you want to generate the link for. To learn how to add a new live chat group, see the lesson Manage Live Chat Groups.
  2. Select from the [Language] field, the language your live chat will be in. The registration form and prompts for the live chat will be formatted in the language you selected.
  3. Tick the [Skip Registration] checkbox, if registration is not required. Web users will then be directed to the conversation screen right away.
  4. [Link type:] Is where you define what sort of link you want and the behavior when it's activated.
  5. In the [Chat Link] textbox, is the link that is generated by the system for this web chat group. Click on the [Copy] button to copy the link and then paste the link to the HTML document of your web page.

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