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Use Mobile APP

This lesson will show the basics of how the mobile client is operated. The information contained within this lesson is valid for all supported platforms.


Upon accessing the URL copied from FocalScope, the Mobile client login page will appear.

  1. Enter your FocalScope username in the top field.
  2. Enter your FocalScope password in the lower field.

Click [Login] to log into the Mobile client.

Click the [Sync] button to start downloading your selected folders/ticketboxes and their contents. To see how to configure which content gets downloaded to your Mobile client from withing FocalScope, please see the lesson Configure and Access Mobile Client.

The screen will darken and "Synchronizing XX%" will show. Depending on the amount of data you elected for synchronization and/or the speed of your connection, this may take a while.

Please note: To see any new messages that may have arrived in FocalScope, on your Mobile client, you must resynchronize so the new messages are downloaded to your mobile device and thus visible.


Clicking the [Synch Statistics] button, will show you how many new, edited and/or removed items there were in your synchronized folders.

Under the [Settings] tab you, you can update the application and reset (clear) the database. The database contains all the data downloaded from FocalScope onto the mobile device. Occasionally the database must be cleared for major updates, but this will occur automatically when the application detects a new version which requires a database reload.

UI configuration allows you to enable/disable animations and deletion prompts as well as how many "rows per item list" are displayed.

Selecting the [Mail] tab take you to your selected private and shared folders, plus the agents you are monitoring with Agent view. See the lesson Configure and Access Mobile Client to learn how to select which items you want to see on your mobile device with the Mobile Client.

Folders which contain new synchronized data will have a discernible "Blue Dot" folder icon (see arrow) to the left of their names VS. the plain folder icon for folders which didn't receive new data during the last sync. Likewise, new emails within folders are highlighted with a blue dot (see arrow), left of the subject. Clicking on the [Incoming] tab shows the email messages contained within that folder. This is valid for all folders displayed in the Mobile Client.

Click the [Options] button to perform one of the following actions on the folder...
* New E-mail
* Hide Folder
* Synchronize

To read the contents of an email, you simply need to tap on it. FocalScope treats emails as threads (similar to Gmail), so an email which initiated back-and-forth communication, will have those messages threaded underneath it.

The "black arrows" indicate where you can see the "number" of such threaded messages under emails and the "arrow bracket" you need to tap to see the threaded messages. You can also delete a message with a swipe gesture, either right or left over the email tab (indicated by the purple arrows).

Click the [Options] button to perform one of the following actions on the message...
* Add Message Note
* Reply
* Forward
* Delete
* Ticket Operations
* Mark as Unread

Viewing Contacts/Notes and performing actions on them, is done in exactly the same style as navigating through folders and emails and performing actions on them.

Create Shortcut to Mobile Client on Your Mobile

To save you from navigating to the link, manually, every time you want to access the mobile client, you can simply save it to your bookmarks and drag your bookmark to your mobile's desktop. Some mobiles require you to create a and icon or link on the desktop directly and enter the URL to the site you wish to access. You simply enter the url for the mobile client to have a quick access icon for easy access.

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