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Assign Tickets to Agents

In normal situations, any group member can respond to any e-mails within a ticketbox. This function is useful when you want to let the team members in a ticketbox know explicitly, that someone within the team is handling a message.Tickets can be assigned and reassigned at any time to any group member.


Right click on the message or ticket you wish to assign, select [Assign Ticket] from the menu. To assign this ticket to yourself, select [To me]. Otherwise, click on [To another agent] to assign the ticket to someone else.


If you have selected to assign ticket [To another agent], you will see the "Select User(s)" dialog appear. Select an agent to handle this ticket, then click [Ok].


The name of the selected agent will appear in the [Agent] column.


The agent now responsible for the ticket will be notified, in his tickets folder, with a copy of the re-assigned ticket.

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