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Welcome to Administration

This Administration Manual was purposely written for people who will be dealing mostly with the administration side of FocalScope. Administration is a critical aspect of Information Technology systems these days. Knowing how to get the best from your system is the end goal of successful administration. In this manual you will learn where you make "behind the scenes" adjustments to your FocalScope environment, so that your users do their work more efficiently, more securely and with greater degree enjoyment. You can customize your FocalScope environment to suit your business needs with our powerful array of tools, which all become intuitively easy to use once you've seen a proper demonstration.

FocalScope has combined, into one package, all the critical elements that a product of this sort should have. Robust e-mail/ticket handling, hierarchical security, asterisk telephony integration, Jabber chat and a myriad of interface functions and tools for both users and administrators, to extensively customize functionality and subdivide work routines. We at FocalScope are confident that you will, with the aid of this and other manuals released for FocalScope, learn to use all of the power available to you when you choose FocalScope as your help-desk solution.

Introduction to Administration Screen

In this introductory lesson, we will take a look at the layout of the Administration screen in FocalScope. The Administration screen will quickly become familiar to you as we start going through examples on how to enable features and functions, which will take us through almost all the permutations of the Administration screen. The User Interface (referred to as UI from here on out) in FocalScope is designed so you can navigate and use tools similarly to how you would in other commonplace applications such as Microsoft Outlook. Working from top to bottom, let's take a look at the interface and get familiar with the tools available in each section.


  1. At the top of the UI we see the Main Tabs. [Screen] Lets us navigate to the Administration (current screen), Workspace and Asterisk screens.
    • [View] is for accessing the Dashboard, Popup reminders and RSS news pages.

    • [Action] lets us perform searches, Reload the UI and open Jabber.

    • [Configuration] here we can configure personal settings/e-mail accounts, the Asterisk dialer and download & configure the Mobile Client.

    • [About] is where we can get version information, licensing information and the FocalScope change log for every new version released.
  2. This is the Main Tools menu. Along with the default tools for creating/deleting messages, contacts, events, notes & SMS's, loading Jabber and synchronizing folders (blue refresh icon), more tools will appear depending on where you are in the interface or what features you enabled.
  3. Is a quick locate tool for finding messages based on certain criteria.
  4. Is the Administration Panel. The vast majority of features you will configure in your FocalScope environment will be enacted here through navigating various tabs and folders and configuring them in the Right Hand Pane.
  5. Is simply called the Right Hand Pane. It will have various lists of items/settings used for configuring features and is where you will open popups and view properties on items for more advanced configurations.
  6. Are the Administration tabs for configuring folders, restoring or deleting elements, viewing and creating SLA profiles, viewing system logs and translating the UI.
  7. Is the Notification Bar, this is where you see RRS headlines or messages you configured to broadcast to users in your FocalScope environment.
  8. Is the Alerts & Status Bar. Here you will receive alerts on deadlines, events & tickets, be able to set your state for ticket queues and launch jabber. Finally you can view the size of your FocalScope Database.

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