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How to create and use a mailing list in FocalScope

A mailing list is a convenient way of storing several emails in a list and loading that list into an email for mass dispatch. FocalScope mailing lists exist independently of your Active Directory email groups and will only change when altered in FocalScope. There is also no way FocalScope mailing lists can affect your Active Directory groups, distribution lists, or CALs (client access lists). This article details how to create and use a mailing list in FocalScope.


Creating a new mailing list

  1. In either  a personal or shared [Contacts] folder, right click in the contacts list and select [New Mailing List]
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Figure 1 - Creating a new mailing list

  1. In the [Name] field of the [Mailing List Properties] window, enter a name for your mailing list
  2. Click the [Add] button
    1. You can switch between personal, shared, and even contacts of agents in your Agent View
    2. In the Contact list, select multiple contacts using Ctrl+Left Click
    3. When your selection has been made, click [OK] to add the contacts to the mailing list
  3. In the [Mailing List Properties] window, click [Ok] to save the new mailing list
  4. The new mailing list will appear in the contacts folder where it was created. To modify the list, simply double click it and repeat steps 2 & 3 in this section

Figure 2 - Adding contacts to a mailing list

Loading a mailing list into an email

  1. When composing a new email, click on the [To] or [Cc] field to load the [Select Contacts] window
  2. At the bottom of the [Select Contacts] window, click in the [To, Cc, or Bcc] field (depending where you want to load the mailing list) and then double click the mailing list entry in the contacts list
  3. All emails contained in the mailing list will be added to the specified field. Please note, you can add additional contacts by selecting which field to put them in and double each contact you want to add

Figure 3 - Loading a mailing list into an email

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