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Email View and Filter

FocalScope has different message views and filters to help you sort your emails. You can select how you want to view your emails easily using the "Email View and Filter" tabs.

Email View and Filter

Email View and Filter view tabs are located at the top right hand side of the agent's workspace. Continue scrolling down to learn more about how messages are sorted under each tab.

Thread View

Selecting [Thread] view, messages forwarded or replied to in FocalScope are grouped under the initial message and each message thereafter is linked to this "thread" message at the start. In the thread view you will see these as successive trees under the initiating message.

Date View

Using [By Date] view, messages are grouped and each group represents a ticket which is a set of related messages, with the same ticket number. Inside each ticket, messages are ordered by the date it was created or received.

Plain View

[Plain] view is the simplest sorting of your messages. They are ordered by date of their creation or reception.

Messages are not grouped at all to maintain strict order, by a specified column in the list. For example, you may click on "from" to sort messages according to whom the messages are from.

Unread View

The [Unread] view displays all messages of the selected ticketbox, which have not been read by the agent themself. Messages read or unread by other agents, will not affect the current agent's view here.

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