Agent Ready State
Friday, November 25, 2016 3:51 AM

The Agent Ready State tool is a sub-component of the Ticket Queues feature. A ticket is assigned to an agent only if that agent is set up in "Ticket Queues". They will also receive a status icon in their Status Bar with which to pause or resume being assigned new tickets.


Here we see then new status icon highlighted and set to "Ready". An agent can change their state to "Pause" and back again to "Ready", simply by clicking the icon once. When the status is set to pause, the agent won't receive new tickets from the system. Once the agent is ready for more tickets, he/she can again set their status to ready and be assigned new tickets.


Those with access to the administrator page can see the [Agent Ready State] folder, which shows currently logged in Ticket Queues agents, their session IP address (Masked here for security purposes), and their status. Setting your own session status here to online and offline, is the same as clicking on your status icon in the status bar. Please note: Even administrators, who have access to this folder can only observe current sessions, not make any changes to an agent's status.