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Create Auto Responders

Incoming messages are replied to automatically by the auto responders. In order to use auto responders, you'll need to first create a response to be used as an auto responder. See the lesson Manage Standard Responses to learn how to create a new auto responder. Once you have create a standard response, you can now assign that to your inbox as an auto response. This lesson will show you step-by-step, how to set-up auto responders.


Right click on a ticketbox or personal folder to which you want to add an auto responder, then select [Properties].


  1. In the "Folder Properties" page that opens, click on the [Auto Responder] tab.

    Auto responder parameters
    Sets the condition to activate an auto responder for new incoming messages or for replies to your messages.

  2. Click on [...] to select the auto responder to use.
  3. Select an auto responder supervisor for this responder.

    Whenever an exception is configured, auto responder ignores messages meeting the conditions of the exception. When the exception is removed the auto responder will resume auto-replying again.

  4. Tick on this checkbox if you want the auto responder to send responses, only once, to the same e-mail address within 24 hours from the reception of the e-mail.
  5. If there are addresses that you do not wish auto responder to send responses to, type their names in this box.

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