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How to prime the FocalScope Thick Client msi for deployment

Before the FocalScope Thick Client msi can be used in your Group Policy and deployed to multiple users, it should be 'branded' with the URL for your FocalScope instance. Therefore, priming the Thick Client msi is required. This is a one-time action that an administrator does on their own computer, before adding the msi to a Group Policy.

Please note: You need to download the attached archive (at the end of this article), extract the patchmsi.js script inside. Also note that the script is not meant to be run on a user's computer.


Download the FocalScope Thick Client msi


Priming the FocalScope Thick Client for deployment

  1. Place both the patchmsi.js and Thick Client msi files in a folder
  2. Launch [cmd] shell (command prompt)
  3. Navigate to the folder where the patch.js and Thick Client msi files are located
  4. Enter 'cscript.exe patchmsi.js fsdesktop-current.msi' where '' is the URL of your FocalScope instance and execute. This will prime the Thick Client msi package with your FocalScope URL
  5. Once the script has executed, the Thick Client msi package can be used in your Group Policy and deployed--it will now automatically connect users to your FocalScope instance
Attention: When the Thick Client is installed from the msi package, auto-update is disabled, and the only way to update the Thick Client is to explicitly install a newer version from an msi package. This behavior is intended, because the msi package is used in environments where the end user does not have administrator rights, and is thus unable to initiate updating of the Thick Client.

Figure 1 - Priming the Thick Client for deployment


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