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How to install a FocalScope license key

You can choose to install your FocalScope license key during the initial setup and installation of your FocalScope instance or during the 30-day trial period that follows. This article details the process for installing your FocalScope license key.

Please note, if you are using the cloud-hosted edition of FocalScope, your license key will automatically be installed once you have signed up for a commercial edition.


Installing a FocalScope license key during installation (on premise edition)

As you progress through the installation, a prompt will allow you to choose to download a license key automatically (this is a 30-day trial key) or to enter your license key if you already have it.

Figure 1 - Choosing which type of license key to install

If your server does not have an active internet connection during the FocalScope installation, you will have to contact and have us send you the fingerprint and your FocalScope license key. The reason for this is that FocalScope tries to connect to the internet to download a 30-day trial license. If the trial license key cannot be downloaded, a license key has to be specified in order to complete the installation process.

Figure 2 - Entering your license key during the FocalScope setup

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