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Call Log - General

Call Log

To view call logs, go to Call Log in the telephony Menu.

On the panel, you will be able to see a summary of calls. Each call with show the below info:

  • ID: unique called of the call.
  • Ticket: Ticket number the call was tagged to.
  • Comments: Comments made regarding the call log.
  • Start time: Actual start timestamp of the call.
  • Duration: Duration of the whole call.
  • Wait: Wait time before the call was picked up
  • From: Source of the call
  • To: Destination of the call
  • #: number of attempts before the call was picked up
  • Type: Type of call.
  • ANS: status if the call was answered
  • Transfer: Show the transfer status of the call.
  • Location: Location from where the call is received or made out from.

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