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E-mail signatures can be created for personal use or shared in the system under the [Shared Items] node > [Group Signatures] folder. The ability to store group signatures allows you to store templates of signatures to be shared by a department or company where all agents can attach the same format for signatures in outgoing e-mails, giving you a more professional image.

Create New Signatures


  1. To create a personal signature, expand your personal folder, click on [Agent's Signature] folder (this will have the name of the agent's account).
  2. To create a signature shared in the system globally, click on the [Group Signatures] folder.

Existing Signatures will be displayed in the right pane. Right click anywhere on the right pane, then click [New...] to create a new singnature.


  1. Enter a subject for reference to this signature.
  2. You can add placeholders to the signature to cut down on entering data which can be filled in with placeholder variables. See the lesson Placeholders for more information.

Signatures created are listed in the right pane of the signatures folder, in the agent's workspace. You may create one or more signatures to be stored in this folder for later use.

Assign/Unassign a Default Signature


The above screen shows multiple signatures being created for an agent. Agents may set a default signature that will be used in their e-mail messages. Only one default signature is allowed. To assign or unassign a particular signature as default, right click on the signature you wish to use, then select [Change Default] as shown in the above image.

The selected default signature will appear in the content area of the message editor.

Assign signatures to a specific folder

Both for Incoming Personal Folders or Ticketboxex a specific signature can be assigned that will overwrite the the signature set as default for that specific folder. For doing this you right click on the folder>select Properties>attach signature in the Use signature box.

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