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Using custom Excel templates with live reports

FocalScope reports can be combined with custom Excel templates to give the users near-limitless options to create reports that make sense to them. The popularity and data-representation abilities of Microsoft Excel made it the de facto choice as the front-end for FocalScope reports. This article details how you can upload a custom Excel template and then export a FocalScope live report that conforms to the uploaded Excel template.

Please note: For a video tutorial of the steps in this article, download and play the the attached video How to upload a custom Excel template.mp4.



Preparing a new custom Excel template for a report

In order to use custom Excel templates with reports, the default report Excel template must be downloaded and modified as necessary. Obtain the default Excel template of a report by doing the following:

Please note: If you are simply uploading a custom template, then there is no need to download the default template first, and you can skip points 5 & 6.

  1. In the [Workspace] screen, navigate to the [Shared Items > Shared reports] folder
  2. Click the [Reports] tab (highlighted in red)
  3. If you don't have an existing report configured, create one as demonstrated in this article: How to configure and schedule a report
  4. Click the [Generate] button (highlighted in red) to generate the report and bring up the report download options
  5. Click the [Live Excel] button and download the default report by clicking the [Download Report] button (highlighted in red). Please note: This default report should be used to construct your custom Excel template that will later be uploaded to the report to be used as an optional export template
  6. Construct your Excel template pivots & charts as demonstrated in this article: Creating custom pivot tables for FocalScope reports
  7. Continued in next section...

Figure 1 - Downloading the default live report Excel template

Uploading a new custom Excel template for a report

After you've created your custom Excel template, you can upload to the corresponding report as follows:

  1. In the [Download report] window of the report, click the [Live Excel] button
  2. Click the [Browse] button (highlighted in red) and select the custom Excel template you created
  3. Wait for the yellow upload confirmation bar to appear
  4. Click the [Save] button (highlighted in blue) to associate the custom template with the report
  5. Now, whenever you generate the report, it will use the custom Excel template associated with the report

    Figure 2 - Uploading a new live report Excel template

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