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Using Excel to filter exported FocalScope report data

Depending on your report filters, scope, and data range, FocalScope reports can contain an incredible amount of information. To make reviewing of report data easier, you can filter out data that is not part of your focus using Excel filters. This article details how to use Excel filters to fine-tune report data to only show information you are interested in.


The difference between raw and template-based reports in FocalScope


Filtering data in exported FocalScope reports

After exporting a FocalScope report to an Excel file, you can filter the information contained in the report as follows:

  1. With the report open in Excel, click the [Data] tab
  2. In the ribbon, click the [Filter] icon. This will enable the filtering dropdown button to appear for all data fields in the report
  3. Click the [Dropdown] button on the data field where you want change the filtering of information
  4. Tick / untick the data types to show / hide the information show in the report. Please note, all report data fields depend on the collective information represented among them. Thus, changing one data field may impact the data show in other data fields.

Figure 1 - Filtering data fields in an exported FocalScope report

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The difference between raw and template-based reports in FocalScope

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