Send on behalf permision in FocalScope
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 2:33 PM

Send on behalf permission is a useful tool. FocalScope allows to send on someone's behalf,but not as a permission like Outlook has. In order to do this you can do the following:.

Drag the email you want to respond on behalf of someone from his Incoming folder the your Incoming folder:

It's a simple drag and drop which has the result of moving the email from one folder to another and the attributes of the email will become the ones of the folder it is dragged in. As per below screenshots the address from the "From"  field has changed:

Figure 1 - Email initially in the Test User's Incoming Folder

Figure 2 - Email dragged in the Mihai 1's Incoming Folder

    In order to be able to do this operation you need to have access to the View of the Agent you need to respond on his behalf and access to the folder you drag the folder to. You can read more about having access to an Agent View in focalscope on AA-00346/0/How-to-use-Agent-Views-to-grant-supervisors-access-to-agents-personal-folders

    Figure 3 - Test User has access to Mihai 1's View