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Configure and Enable Acknowledgment of Assignment feature

FocalScope has many features dedicated to communicating to customers what is happening to their enquiries. Another of these is the Acknowledgment of Assignment feature, which allows FocalScope to send a precompiled messages to customers whenever a new agent is assigned to their ticket / case / query. This article will demonstrate how to configure and activate the Acknowledgment of Assignment feature for a FocalScope folder.


Configuring and enabling Acknowledgments for a folder

  1. Right click a personal / shared folder and select [Properties]Please note, you can only enable the Acknowledgment of Assignment for inbound folders (that is to say folders that receive emails)
  2. After the [Folder Properties] window appears, click the [Events] tab
  3. Under the [Acknowledgment of assignment] section, click the [Show advanced properties] link
  4. You can now configure the following three settings:
    1. Click the [...] button for the [1st time assignment] field to specify the predefined email message to send to the customer when the ticket is assigned to an agent for the first time
    2. Click the [...] button for the [Subsequent assignments] field to specify the predefined email message to send to the customer when the ticket is reassigned to another agent
    3. Click the [...] button for the [Supervisor] and select an agent who will act as the supervisor for all assignment notifications send to customers. Please note, notifications sent will go through this agents [Outgoing] folder and, if sent successfully, end up in their [Sent items] folder
  5. Click [Ok] to save the configuration and enable Acknowledgment of Assignment for the selected folder

Figure 1 - Acknowledgment of Assignment configuration

Identifying Acknowledgments in a folder

You can easily distinguish between Acknowledgments of Assignment and normal emails because acknowledgments are rendered in light grey text in the FocalScope interface.

Figure 2 - Assignment notifications sent to customers

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