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Custom Excel templates for FocalScope - ticket statistics

The 'ticket statistics' template attached to this article is designed to show general information about tickets, such as ticket states, ticket assignment / location, and ticket categorization. This template can be used as a starting point for more elaborate custom reports. This article details how to upload, configure, and use the 'ticket statistics' template.

To see a preview of the template, download and extract the file attached to this article; the Preview.xlsx template is contained inside the zip archive.

For the actual template, download and extract the Ticket file attached to this article; the Ticket statistics.xlsx template is contained inside the zip archive.


Things to consider when configuring filtering for FocalScope reports


Creating and configuring a report for a new report

To use the 'ticket statistics' template, it needs to be associated with the correct parent report. Create the parent report as follows:

  1. Navigate to the [Shared Reports] folder
  2. Click the [Reports] tab (highlighted in red)
  3. In the right-hand pane, right-click and select [Add]

In the [Report form] window, configure the report as follows:

  1. Under the [General report information] section:
    1. Name - give the report a suitable, easily-identifiable name
    2. Template - select the [Compatible - detailed email list]
    3. Cache expires - set the age (in hours or minutes) at which the report cache will expire and be wiped from the FocalScope server
    4. Excel template - leave this at the default setting until the 'ticket statistics' template is uploaded to the report
  2. Under the [Report parameters] section:
    1. Please note, it is recommended that you enable the filters highlighted in Figure 2 when using the 'ticket statistics' template
    2. Configure the rest of the parameters as per your requirements (breakdown of report parameters and filters)
  3. [Optional] You can schedule the report for automatic dispatch to users in FocalScope
  4. Continued in next section...

Figure 1 - Creating a new report

Figure 2 - Recommended filter configuration

Uploading a custom template to a report

Proceed to uploading the Ticket statistics.xlsx file to the newly created report as follows:

  1. In the [Download report] window of the report, click the [Live Excel] button
  2. Click the [Browse] button (highlighted in red) and select the 'ticket statistics' template
  3. Wait for the yellow upload confirmation bar to appear
  4. Click the [Save] button (highlighted in blue) to associate the custom template with the report
  5. Ensure that [Ticket statistics] is selected in the [Pick a template from repository] list and click [Download report] to download the final report
  6. You can now set this template as the default for the report as per point 1.4 under the 'Creating and configuring a report' section at the start of this article

Figure 3 - Uploading a custom template to a report

Please note, if you intend to create custom templates based on the 'ticket statistics' one, download the attached file and use the Stub.html file contained in it to wipe the data from the custom template. This method will retain all filters set for pivot tables / charts in your custom template.

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