FocalScope for Contact Centers and BPOs

Build a contact center tailored to your business

As a unified omnichannel platform, FocalScope allows contact centers, call centers, and BPO companies to manage multiple client accounts while delivering top-notch customer service.

Create a scalable customer experience for each client

One communication hub for every client account

In a single platform, contact centers are empowered to manage multiple client accounts and set up any channel according to their individual requirements.

Create unique caller experiences specific to each client, complete with IVRs, phone menus, announcements and surveys. And it’s easy: FocalScope’s text-to-speech engine lets you generate professional audio recordings in just a few minutes.

Other channels like email and live chat can be similarly customised to provide tailored customer experiences. Whenever required, you can make changes quickly without technical support.

Create, adapt, and iterate workflows for each client

Create unique workflows for any situation

Configure ticket queues, call queues, and flow strategies according to each client’s SLAs and channel traffic.

Routing can be based on skills, office hours, shift timings, and much more. Use routing to create multi-layered workflows that comply with SLAs, distribute work fairly, while meeting your operational capacity.

Set performance thresholds on KPIs such as waiting time. When approaching the limit, the system can be set to trigger alerts, route tasks to rapid-response teams, or send calls to voice mail.

Efficient client on-boarding

Onboard new clients into your FocalScope platform with ease. Add multiple inboxes and phone numbers as required, and stay organised with folders and rules. At the end of a campaign or contract, export all client data (including emails, call recordings, call logs, chat transcripts etc.) for an efficient handover. Thereafter, you can purge the data from the system, en-masse, to maintain data security.

Enhanced collaboration and productivity

Construct an ideal agent workspace

With multiple clients onboard, high request volumes across channels can be expected. FocalScope keeps productivity high by providing a focused agent workspace while eliminating repetitive manual work.

Create client-specific forms that pop up with every call, enabling agents to record call notes conveniently. Screen pops can also display caller data and history, which gives handling times a healthy boost.

Thereafter, agents can pin the call disposition to an existing ticket, or convert it to a new ticket for follow-up. During shift transitions, this provides the context needed for continued support.

Generate individual performance reports for each client

Gain full visibility on live operational data

Delight your customers with customised live dashboards made to their specifications. Provide operational insights on channel traffic, agent performance, customer feedback, and more. 

Get a pulse on the volume of requests (by client, channel, or location), waiting times, first-touch resolution rates, and more. Examine agent performance to determine incentives or training needs. Empower managers to identify operational bottlenecks, and act quickly. 

With the data, FocalScope can automatically generate more than 70 types of Excel-based reports. Since each client would have their own reporting standards, the system offers you a variety of templates to choose from, and the flexibility to slice and dice data as required.

Measure customer feedback to drive improvements

Automate feedback collection across channels

Evidencing high customer satisfaction is a key success factor when bidding for tenders. With FocalScope, you can produce a set of surveys for each client, in their respective languages and locations.

Choose from text-based surveys, web-based surveys, SMS surveys or IVR-enabled phone surveys and have them automatically triggered at the end of every interaction. Or, measure caller sentiment based on tone and language, and get notified when negative words are used.

Add survey results and completion rates with your live dashboards and reports to track daily contact center performance. Compile findings to get a holistic view, compare between reports to find performance gaps, or incorporate with other email or call reports for deeper analyses. 

Built-in training features for new agents

Fast agent onboarding

By design, FocalScope’s interface is intuitive and easy for agents to adopt, allowing you to add new users quickly for upcoming projects.

Leverage built-in coaching features to keep an eye on new agents before removing the training wheels. Check, edit, and approve emails by trainee agents before they are sent to customers.

During a live call, you can listen in, whisper to the agent (without the customer knowing) or barge into calls when the situation calls for intervention. These features allow managers to monitor new agents’ performance, and support them directly when needed.

Remote work for call centers, contact centers and BPOs

Agents can access FocalScope and all channels, including voice, using their web browser, desktop thick client, or through their mobile phones. Managers are equipped with live dashboards and data, providing them with daily operational insights and allowing them to support frontline teams virtually.

Connect FocalScope to external systems

Integrate with existing applications and systems 

Integrate any existing tools you already use, such as e-commerce platforms Shopify and Magento, or CRMs like Salesforce and SugarCRM. Use them to sync contact databases, extract customer data, order information, and more.

With FocalScope’s open APIs, you may also integrate with internal systems used by you, or any of your clients. This will allow agents to look up information directly in FocalScope without switching between platforms, saving precious time and improving accuracy.

An omnichannel suite at your disposal

Discover how FocalScope helps you to optimise customer care on every channel. 

Email ticketing

Handle millions of emails accurately and efficiently every day.


Flexible and scalable telephony system for big and small businesses.

Live chat and bots

Interact with website visitors in real time and boost conversion.

Social media

Message customers via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook.

Knowledge base

Help customers help themselves with FAQs and support articles.

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