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Ticket Status

Manage your tickets by putting your tickets in the correct state. Ticket that require your attention are in the [Open] tab. Tickets in the [Closed] tab are messages that are completed and do not require further actions. Tickets put on hold are temporary placed in the [On Hold] tab, the ticket can be set to open or finally closed at a later time.

Open Tickets


  1. Open tickets are messages that require your attention. Newly received messages in personal inboxes and shared ticketboxes are placed in the [Open] tab.
  2. You may change your tickets' states to [Closed] or [On Hold] by right clicking a message and selecting [Put Ticket On Hold] or [Close Ticket].

Closed Tickets


All tickets that are not needed anymore should be closed. Closed tickets will be placed in the [Closed] ticket tab and can be re-opened when required by selecting the ticket you wish to open from this tab, then right click to select [Open Ticket].

Tip! Always close tickets once they require no further action!


You may close a ticket upon sending it, by selecting [Send & Close Ticket] from your message editor window. Such messages will be placed in the [Closed] Ticket tab once they have been sent out. This might be useful for messages where, once you replied, they no longer need to remain open. An example would be sending someone a information they requested, like an account number or forgotten password.

Tickets Put On hold


For tickets that require follow up only at a later stage (e.g. a customer requests to be called back 2 weeks later), you may put the ticket on hold. Tickets put on hold will be re-opened later for your attention.


You can place a ticket on hold by selecting [Send & Put Ticket On Hold] from your message editor window or selecting a message your [Open] tab, right clicking it and selecting [Place Ticket On Hold].


When you click [Send & Put Ticket On Hold], the "Close Ticket" dialog with the option to select a follow-up date and time will appear. The selected ticket will be placed in the [On Hold] tab temporarily. The ticket will be re-opened and placed into the [Open] tab at the date & time specified in this dialog.


In the same dialog page, you may choose to get notified in the alerts folder upon reopening of the ticket. See the lesson Alerts Folder to learn more about the alerts folder.

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