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Document Centre

FocalScope has a Document Centre feature, that allows you to upload all support documents and files your oginization needs to share with customers, quickly and conveniently. From this location you can attach the files to e-mails or create links for your customers to follow and download the relevant documents/files they require. This lesson will teach you how to upload and share files to your Document Centre in FocalScope.

Sharing Files in Document Center


In the Workgroup screen, expand the [Shared Items] node, then click on the [Shared Documents] folder. The right pane will display a list of existing documents uploaded by agents who have access to this folder.


Right click anywhere in the right pane and click on [New...] to upload a new shared document/file to FocalScope.


Browse to and select the file you wish to upload and select [Open] to begin uploading the file to the Shared Documents folder.


Enter a description for this document, then click on [Save] to add it to the Shared Documents folder.


Documents that are shared successfully appear in the list of the shared documents folder. You can now create links to these files or attach them in messages.

Retrieving Shared Documents


From the [Shared Documents] folder, select and right click on the file you wish to retrieve, then click on [Download].


The next screen appears as shown above.

  1. Click on the [Open] button if you would like to view the document without saving it to your computer.
  2. Click on the [Save] button if you would like to save it to a folder on your local disk.

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