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Reviewing the survey history record

The survey history record is where managers and supervisors can review the status of dispatched surveys, comment on survey dispatches, and access the ticket associated with each survey sent out. This article details a general overview of the survey history record and how it is used.


Reviewing the survey history records

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration] 
  2. Click the [Advanced properties] tab
  3. Navigate to the [Survey system > History] folder
  4. In the bottom-left of the right-hand pane, filter the survey history records as per scope (if necessary) or just use the [Everything] filter
  5. Right-click the entry that you wish to inspect and select [Properties]
  6. In the [History] pop up, click the ticket number to retrieve the associated ticket from the system
  7. Continued in next section...

Figure 1 - Calling up a ticket associated with a survey dispatch

Commenting on survey history records

Comments can be used to communicate commentary, instructions, or change requests relating to specific survey dispatches. Add a comment to a survey history record as follows:

  1. Right-click an entry and select [Properties] (highlighted in blue)
  2. In the [History] pop up, click on the [Comments] tab
  3. Review existing comments or click the [Comment] button to leave your own
  4. Click the [Close] button when done
  5. Alternatively, toggle the status of the entry to quickly communicate the state of the survey request to other team members by right-clicking an entry and selecting [Toggle status] (highlighted in red)

Figure 2 - Commenting on a survey dispatch

Understanding the history record data columns

To get the most out of the history record, it is important to read the data for each entry correctly and know how to access embedded data associated with certain data columns. Here is an overview of what data each data column represents:

  1. Group - shows the name of the survey group responsible for the survey request
  2. API - indicates if an entry has API fields embedded within it. Please note: to view the API fields for an entry, double-click the entry and click on the [API Request] tab (see Figure 4). All API fields and their associated data can be seen
  3. Status - will display one of the following status icons:
- survey request has been send and is pending response (from the customer)


- survey request has been completed (received a response from the customer)


- survey request has been blocked by the global survey exceptions (no response should be expected from customer)


- survey request that has been scheduled by the sendmail API link

  1. Ticket # - shows the number o the ticket associated with the survey request
  2. Created - shows the date & time when the survey request was created
  3. Updated - shows the date & time when the survey request was updated (by resending a survey request)
  4. Reviewed - shows the date & time when the survey request was reviewed
  5. Reviewed by - shows which agent reviewed the survey request
  6. Last Review - shows commentary by the reviewing agent (double click entry and click [Comments] tab to see all reviewer comments)

Figure 3 - History record columns

Figure 4 - Accessing survey form API fields

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